service user stories

2016-01-27 12.21.40.jpgA group of service users met up last week at the Petrus and worked on making some collages about their own stories. It was a great to hear so many good stories and we hope to be running the session again soon.


Our Volunteers

Name: Shane Wild

Volunteering at: Petrus community store

Volunteering length: Over 1 year

My name is Shane and I have been volunteering at the Petrus community store for over one year and I am currently on a 7 week paid contract. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the store working with the staff and volunteers alike and will continue to support the charity.

Fran Smith – Petrus Hub breakfast volunteer.

Fran Smith – Petrus Hub breakfast volunteer.


“At the end of 2014, I was put onto JSA after 20years of being a stay at home mum. My jobcentre advisor suggested I look at volunteering as a way to ease myself into the job market and referred me to CVS in Rochdale. I looked at several opportunities and decided I would like to do something in catering. CVS put me in touch with Petrus Hub who had opportunities for breakfast volunteers.

I was contacted by Liz who arranged for me to visit the project and to discuss what I would like to get involved in. I was really nervous and apprehensive as I hadn’t worked for such a long time. Liz put me at ease and made me feel welcome. we then arranged for me to do a taster session so I could decide if volunteering for Petrus suited me. I was worried that I would struggle with the routine and whether I could do the job.

I did my taster session and felt much better once I had met other staff and volunteers. They helped put my mind at ease and showed me how to carry out certain tasks. I decided that I did want to stay on as a volunteer.

I have been volunteering for 5 months now and I enjoy it so much. I do 2hours every Monday to Friday.Every day is different and I really feel part of a team. I feel like I am doing something useful and I know that the staff appreciate what I do. I have learnt a lot along the way and I think I am more patient and have a better understanding of the difficulties some people face. I like meeting the new characters that come in to breakfast. I feel like my confidence has had a boost too. I am doing a typing course in Manchester and will be starting an IT course in September. I am looking for a job and feel ready for work. I do hope that I can carry on volunteering as long as I can!”

Incredible Medical Launch!

Our Incredible Medical launch event for our P.I.E.R project was held on Wednesday the 22nd July.

Before the event, we made sure everything was in place to ensure it ran smoothly.

Then we were all ready for our big launch!

Everyone worked hard and ensured that we had a great day, the weather even began to clear up for us.

Our welcome sign definitely stood out!

There were many activities for people to enjoy and take part in.

We then began planting the veg!

The event was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed seeing it all come together in to our big launch!

We even had a Petrus People stall out for people to find great bargains.

Our volunteers and the P.I.E.R group worked hard to ensure that it was a fantastic day.

We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported us to make this event such a success!

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Coffee Morning

We recently held a successful coffee morning for our P.I.E.R group up at our Hub!

The event was very busy! People came along to have tea/coffee as well as cakes.

What do you think of our cakes? They were extremely popular!

As you can see, a number of people turned up and helped us make it successful!

The tables featured flowers from the memorial garden in Rochdale, these made for fantastic decoration and were grown by the P.I.E.R group!

The event was to raise money in order for the hardworking volunteers at P.I.E.R to go to Tatton Park Flower show!

We would like to thank everyone who attended.

We had raised £81.10! Thanks everyone.

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